Port facilities Fire protection in the industry of port facilities and logistical terminals

In the process of port facilities and logistical terminals there are several high risk zones where fires or dust explosions can occur. Firefly offers many Spark Detection and Quick Suppression solutions to protect processes that include loading/unloading, conveyors, chutes, elevators, filters and silos.

The large quantities of bulk material being processed creates spillage and fine dust, which easily can spread and accumulate in different parts of the equipment. The root cause of a fire in this type of process can be, for example stalled rollers, mechanical failures (i.e. bearings), impurities in the material entering a mill. But also overheating of material deposited in high risk areas can create ignition sources. These ignition sources can easily be transported through the duct systems and cause fires or explosions further down the process, for example in chutes, conveyors, silos or dust collection systems.

If or when a fire occurs, the spreading can be very fast and have devastating consequences due to the difficulties in reaching the affected areas, which often is the case with conveyor belts and elevators high above ground.


Fire protection solutions

Firefly ElevatorGuard™ - Fire protection of elevators

The dusty atmosphere inside an elevator is ideal for a fire or a dust explosion. The properties of a bucket elevator also makes it more complicated to protect. A fire can start due to ignition sources being fed into the elevator, but ignition sources can also be generated inside the elevator itself. 

The Firefly ElevatorGuardTM-solution includes FM-approved, True- IR hot particle detectors and full cone water extinguishing nozzles at the inlet and outlet of the elevator. At the inlet, the Firefly system will minimize the risk of any dangerous ignition sources to enter the elevator. If the root cause is inside the elevator, the system at the outlet will give an early indication of a beginning problem inside the elevator and minimize the risk of ignition sources leaving the elevator to downstream process parts.

Firefly ConveyorGuard™ - Fire protection of conveyors

A fire in a belt conveyor is often hard to extinguish and can spread very quickly. In worst case it can spread to surrounding material stacks and could last for weeks, causing major loss of revenue and production downtime.

The purpose of the Firefly ConveyorGuardTM-solution is to automatically detect and suppress a fire at an early stage and to stop the conveyor belt as quickly as possible. The Firefly ConveyorGuardTM-solution can be complemented with Firefly open area flame detectors and/or LTS cable.

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